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Reset is a leading provider of risk mitigation services in the derivatives marketplace with over 15 years experience of successfully delivering innovative solutions to the challenges of managing basis risk in trading portfolios.

Based upon strong sector expertise and extensive client engagement we have developed the most advanced matching engine in the market. In addition we have numerous specialist staff with direct trading experience in multiple markets allowing us to provide the highest quality of advice and understanding in solving the wide variety of client needs above and beyond simple access to a very deep, and network efficient, global liquidity pool.

Our story

In November 2006 the two leading companies in reset matching, Switchfix and ICAP Fra-Cross, merged to form Reset. Combining many years of experience and expertise Reset is now the market leading provider of risk mitigation services.

our service

Customer service is not just about executing trades at Reset. Our specialists are experts in many areas of trading book risk management and optimizing your use of our technology. We provide a bespoke level of service to ensure every client can manage and control their risk as efficiently and individually as required.